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The public beach of Bayahibe is about a 10-minute walk from the hotel and borders the beach of the Dreams La Romana resort (do not be fooled by the name, it is located in Bayahibe). Walking to reach this beach, you will see practically the whole village, including the numerous restaurants, shops and excursion companies. On this beach you will find deckchairs and sunbeds available for rent, as well as various typical Dominican restaurants - very convenient for taking drinks and food during the day at the beach. Try the fried fish: typical and delicious.
On Sunday this beach is crowded because Dominican families (very numerous) love to go out to enjoy a relaxing day, during which they love to cook with their feet in the sand.
This beach is close to the port of Bayahibe, but the bathers' area is safe and the boats are kept at a safe distance. The seabed is sandy, with few rocks here and there. Someone wears rubber shoes, but it is not necessary. On better days the water is crystal clear and calm, but depending on the weather, wind, rain and currents, it can become cloudy. Like all Bayahibe bay, the formation of waves is very rare. From this you will have a total view of the bay and the port, with all the catamarans and boats moored.

With a little luck you may even find some starfish on the sandy bottom. We would like to ask you not to take them out of the water because, like all fish, they cannot breathe. However, if you are lucky enough to find them, come close to looking at them. They are wonderful. There is a tiny reef where you might see some fish, but we don't recommend it as a snorkeling site.
There are no lifeguards on this beach. There is a lot of shade, great for taking a break when the sun starts beating hard towards noon.
The beach is also accessible by car, the car park is just behind the restaurants. If you decide to reach it on foot, the best thing to do is simply follow the coast.


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This is probably the favorite beach for most foreigners residing in Bayahibe. The beach is small and with some rocks. It is hidden in a small bay and offers a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. The water is practically always crystal clear, the waves are formed when time is not the message and when the wind rises. What makes this beach famous is the possibility of snorkeling.

It is one of Bayahibe's "secret jewels". Because of its location, this beach is never crowded. There are no beds, restaurants or full-volume stereos. It is an unspoiled beach. On the right and left of the beach you can walk on the rocks and go looking for the small pools that have formed over time. Attention however: the rocks are coral formations and can be sharp. If you want to explore it is advisable to wear rubber beach shoes.

The seabed is mainly rocky, except for a strip of sand that allows access to the water. If you just want to swim a little, pay attention to the rocks that are on the bottom, as they are populated by sea urchins. Also in this case, we recommend wearing rubber shoes. If you also decide to "walk on the rocks", please pay attention to the corals and sea urchins that live there. We care about the underwater life of this beach.

This beach is accessible by car but there is no real parking lot - you will have to be a little creative.

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